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March 8th, 2016

Swiss Performance Chemicals AG launches the new generation of reactive digital inks

Swiss Performance Chemicals AG Basel, Switzerland announces today the launch of NeoRea® HD
digital reactive inks designed for extreme printing speed.

This innovative product range NeoRea® HD delivers the following benefits:

  • High color saturation without compromising printing speed

  • High fixation rate to avoid waste water coloration and water treatment additional cost

  • Replaces all classical MCT and VS type of reactive inks

  • High ink quality and secured batch to batch color consistency to ensure outstanding runability and the best cost of ownership.

The NeoRea® HD range offers 9 colors CMYKOBR as well as Grey and Special Black.
This full range will help to cover all possible color configurations in high thought put industrial machines. The range was tested and approved by well known OEM including for Kyocera inkjet heads.

Dr Mickael Mheidle, SPC Basel Chairman and CEO, confirms that NeoRea® HD is definitely the fruit of the intensive research and development efforts of the company and the best contribution to make industrial printing machines suitable for real production environment as well as viable economic digital printing system for the textile industry.

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