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About Us 

Swiss Performance Chemicals AG (SPC), was founded in 2006 by industry experts and is located in Basel, the heart of Switzerland´s chemical industry. SPC is specialized in delivering novel products with outstanding performance for the emerging Digital Printing Markets. SPC is a leader in the development of innovative chemistries, driving the adoption of digital production in textile printing and customized inks for special materials and applications. SPC’s strategy is to provide high quality inks globally, ensuring the best cost of ownership to make our customers’ digital production viable and sustainable.

We lead the field in the following:


  • Innovation for high quality digital inks and solutions 

  • Outstanding product performance to ensure high productivity

  • Strong technical Service 

  • Driving customers business to reach the best cost of ownership


The company’s extensive Research, Production and Technical Service facilities have always remained in Switzerland. This heritage ensures the highest quality, production and service standards can be delivered to our customers, which is of paramount importance to us: Innovation for a better Future

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