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December 20th, 2016

Swiss Performance Chemicals AG launches a new generation of digital sublimation inks

Swiss Performance Chemicals AG Basel, Switzerland announces the global launch of Sublim® Zero, a new generation of digital sublimation inks for paper transfer applications. The global launch of Sublim® Zero follows the successful conclusion of production trials at key market leaders over the past year where the range has been validated as the new market reference for sublimation inks. Sublim® Zero is available for all Epson inkjet printing heads and Sublim® Zero C+ is available for Kyocera, Ricoh and Fuji inkjet printing heads.


These innovative products, Sublim® Zero and Sublim® Zero C+ deliver the following benefits:

  • Outstanding saturated colors with 20-25% ink savings vs. classical sublimation inks.

  • High ink quality suitable for all types of transfer paper, including low weight paper as well as uncoated transfer paper

  • Extraordinary run-ability for extreme printing speed providing the best cost of ownership

  • Wide color range to cover all printing segments incl. fashion, sportswear and home furnishing

  • Magenta and Yellow fluorescent inks to expand design opportunities in creative product ranges including performance sportswear.

The Sublim® Zero and Sublim® Zero C+ ranges offer 8 colors CMYKOB + Fluo Yellow and Fluo Magenta. This complete range covers all possible color configurations in high output industrial machines.

The Sublim® Zero and Sublim® Zero C+ product ranges are the result of ongoing R&D efforts and close customer cooperation. “Delivering high quality digital inks to significantly contribute to the conversion from analog to digital textile printing is at the heart of all SPC development efforts”, confirms Dr Mickael Mheidle, SPC Basel Chairman and CEO.

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