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March 19th, 2018

Swiss Performance Chemicals launches digital packaged solutions with focus on excellent productivity level at the lowest cost of ownership

At FESPA Berlin, May 15th to 18th 2018, SPC will introduce a full packaged solution for the sublimation transfer printing market and for outdoor blue back paper applications.


At SPC’s booth Hall 2.1 – C25, visitors will be able to see 2 digital production printing lines:

  • The first line is a packaged solution for the transfer paper printing segment based on our Panthera S4 digital printing machine equipped with 4 Kyocera inkjet printing heads. The Panthera S4 at 1.8 m width will be demonstrated with our premium sublimation Sublim C+ inks.

  • The second line is a packaged solution for the outdoor segment and specifically for the blue back paper application.  The Panthera S4 will run with the SPC pigment inks MXTR K+.


Demonstrations will be performed at over 240 sqm/h printing speed by our technical experts. The challenge of the whole digital printing system is to ensure sustainability in terms of print quality, color consistency and high productivity at the lowest cost of ownership.


SPC offers the Panthera machines in the following configurations:

  • Panthera S2: equipped with 2 Kyocera heads at 1.80 m capable of achieving over 120 sqm/h for transfer paper printing. Recommended for small production runs.

  • Panthera S4: equipped with 4 Kyocera heads in 1.80 m capable of achieving over 240 sqm/h at 3.20 m width and a printing output over 340 sqm/h. Recommended for medium to high printing runs.



Panthera S4 digital Printing Machine

Full production system for sublimation paper transfer printing & Blue back paper

  • Equipped with 2 or 4 x KJ4B-0300 Kyocera inkjet heads

  • Maximum printing resolution 600x1200DPI

  • Maximum printing width 1800 mm or 3200 mm

  • Printing height 2-30 mm

  • Feeding system Roll to Roll incl. paper tension control

  • Ink selection Sublim (Sublimation) for transper printing and M-XTR pigment

  • Ink color mode 2 x CMYK or 8 color CMYK OB Fluo Yellow & Fluo Pink

  • Ink supply peristaltic pump supply incl. Degassing and NEG pressure system

  • Maximum roll diameter 500 mm

  • Maximum roll weight 200 kg

  • Dryer 2 x IR drying system + hot air blower before take-up

  • Power supply AC380V

  • Power consumption 8 KW

  • Compressed air 0.6 m3/min,0.7MPA

  • Production conductions 20-25°C / relative humidity RH% 45%-65%

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